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Dodge Arena

A 20 million dollar multipurpose facility that hosts ice hockey, football, basketball, concerts and more...

Dodge Arena
Dodge Arena
Hidalgo, TX
Surface Area
Commercial Construction

Located in Hidalgo, Texas, the Dodge Arena is a 20 Million dollar, multipurpose facility. Ice hockey, football, basketball concerts and Borderfest are a few of the events that are currently featured at the arena.

The arena currently has 25 suites and 500 club seats. On the property is also a 2,200 surface parking area, 2,000 sqft. lounge with access from outside of the arena. Inside the arena is also a pro shop.


PBK Architects
#200-1770 W. 7th Ave
Vancouver, BC V6J4Y6, Canada


City of Hidalgo
704 East Texano
Hidalgo, Texas 78557

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